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Tattooing for me is a form of ritual where two bodies meet in an intimate exchange of energy, compassion, trust and deep care. 


Across many cultures tattooing lies within an ancient tradition of marking ones body. When tattooing and being tattooed I believe a connection is created to the spirits who have walked this realm before us, while calling on their wisdoms and honouring them at the same time.

Being tattooed can be a way to connect with one’s body in a spiritual form. Within the process of tattooing lies the opportunity for experiencing surrendering while being held in a relationship of trust with the person marking ones body.  Tattooing for me represents a moment of transformation made visible, where beauty and suffering meet.


Each tattoo design I create is brought into the world with deep meaning and a spell is formed, but each design is simultaneously an encouragement and invitation to inject it with your own story, myth and meaning. 


If you would like to be tattooed by me, please send me a message. 

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