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Sound of Cruelty by Jose Macabra

The seventh angel, he raised his hand
And not a word, not a word did he say
And all the dead walking, throughout the land
Whispering, Whispering, it was judgment day

Written & Performed by Jose Macabra


Illustration by Leonie Silye

Released on The Judgement Hall Records

released July 12, 2020

Listen an purchase Sound of Cruelty here

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DAY ZERO by Sarah Davis 


This publication is a special expanded version of the Day Zero script with original illustrations by Leonie Silye. Day Zero is about how we process and remember medical trauma.


2 colour Risograph, A5 - Edition of 100.

Written by Sarah Davis

Edited by Emmy Beber

Illustrations by Leonie Silye

Layout by Edward Simpson

Day Zero also exists as an audio work by Sarah Davis & Edward Simpson. It was commissioned in 2020 by BBC New Creatives in partnership with the ICA

Listen to the audio work here.

Purchase the booklet here.

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